To those who don’t know me: I’m Tawanda Sims, I’m an event planner, business owner and creator of The Let’s Plan Conference. I created Let’s Plan after seeing the lack of resources for wedding planners in South Florida. My goal is to unite event planners and provide resources to them that they can’t receive at any other conference. I personally hand-select the speakers and believe me they come from AMAZING backgrounds and always have so much to share. Even if you don’t own an event planning business there’s so much you can take away from The Let’s Plan Conference!

Although on the outside looking in, it seems as if I’ve achieve a lot, and I have. However, I want to be transparent with you and let you know that everything hasn’t always been glitz and glam. I’ve been through a lot, from losing four children to being diagnosed with a brain aneurysm in 2009. I was in the hospital for approximately three weeks and could not do much for six months. After I recovered, I still pressed on and continued to fulfill my purpose in life!

If you have a dream, a goal, or anything you’re trying to reach, you have to be in it to win it! As someone who has been through many trials and tribulations, I can attest to the power of striving for your greatness. A lot of people give up when things get hard, not realizing that their blessing is on the other side.

Because a lot of people tend to ask me about their goals and how to reach them, I found writing this thinkpiece completely necessary. Because no matter how smart, resourceful or great you are, if you don’t have the power of perseverance, you will not reach your goal.

So here’s my list of five things that it takes to be ‘In It To Win It.’

1. Discipline

Being disciplined helps you get so far in many facets of your life. There will be many times you don’t feel like doing anything, but your self-discipline is what will get you through. Think about those who have done something as ‘simple’ as weight loss. There’s no possible way they would have accomplished that if they did not have the discipline. Discipline is a character trait that is built over time. We are not all born with extreme discipline. However, we quickly learnt that without it, a lot of things we need to do would not be accomplished.

2. Goals

Defining your goals is a major part of what will help you with your success. Saying you just want to be successful is not enough. How do you want to obtain that success? And what goals do you need to reach to be defined as a success. In this day and age, a lot of people may compare their goals and success to what they see on social media, however, always keep in mind that social media only shows the highlight reel of someone’s life (yours included). It’s important to define your definition of success, which may not be as outlandish as you think.

3. Tough Times

Tough times help to build character. It’s important to not listen to people who make success seem as if it will be easy to reach. Although we do not wish tough times on no one, if you live long enough you will understand that they are inevitable. To be the person that you want to be, tough times are needed.

4. Support Your Neighbor – But Don’t Get Lost In Their Sauce!

It’s important to build a community of like-minded individuals who inspire you and can help you to grow in your field. However, although you may be inspired, it’s important to have your own unique sense of creativity. Collaborate with others, don’t compete, and certainly do not steal ideas of your colleagues and pass them off as if they were your own! On this journey, as you begin to build with others, your reputation means everything.

5. Always Do You!

Remember that greatness may cause attacks. When you set out on your journey of success, remember that everyone will not be happy about what you are doing. Many will try to talk you out of it, or talk you down, but it’s important to always stay true to yourself. It’s okay to say no to an opportunity that may seem amazing on paper, but doesn’t sit well with your spirit. Always do what’s best for you and your business and you will be sure to thrive!

Never give up!

Are you in it to win it in your wedding business? Learn more about this and many other topics at The Let’s Plan Conference for wedding business professionals. Registration is open from now until June 17th. The conference will be July 18 – 19 at the Pier Sixty-Six Hotel & Marina. Believe me, you don’t want to miss out this year, click here to sign up today!

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