Have you always wanted to start an event planning business but just didn’t know where to begin? I understand how hard it can be to put your ALL into something just to not receive the results you’ve hoped for: I know, I’ve been there.

But you know what has been extremely fulfilling? When you get to a place in your business where you understand how to create and run systems that keep it growing consistently. Once you can stop asking how, you can finally start doing. It’s 2017 and it’s time for us to invest in not only ourselves, but our businesses as well.

That’s Why I’ve Created The Let’s Plan Conference With You In Mind…

  • Let’s plan to listen, learn and recognize areas in our businesses that are in need of growth and development. Some of the best professionals in the business community, wedding and event industry, will deliver information that you can immediately apply and get results.

  • Let’s plan to understand the importance of working with our vendors. Knowing what they need from you will allow you to ensure a flawless wedding. Our panelists will provide vital information and answer your direct questions.

  • Let’s plan to not only enjoy our sponsors, but also support our sponsors. They are providing their elite services just for you. From head shots, makeovers, gift giveaways and more, get your business cards ready to network with them and gain a new contact!

Register for the Let’s Plan Conference Here.

The Let’s Plan conference is where wedding and event planners with new and developing businesses can learn how to take their company to new heights. We share the fundamental principles to grow your business successfully from start to finish. Through education, examples and resources, our attendees will walk away with more than inspiration. They will leave with an action plan in hand and a support team to continue to guide them. The Let’s Plan conference was created for people who are ready to not just plan, but to put the hard work in behind the strategies provided.

I know you’re a hard worker too, because I don’t associate with people who aren’t.

We’ve gathered multiple entrepreneurs who are successful in their business to give you PRICELESS information on how to grow your brand. From styling your brand, to contracts and agreements (I know, I know), we literally have ALL of the information you need from A to Z PLUS more. (Scroll to the bottom of this e-mail for just a small snapshot of who will be speaking at the conference!)

This is not your average conference. This is an experience! From the moment you walk through our doors, you will encounter hands on details, live interactions and actionable information. Be ready to embrace a major transformation in your business!

Gather around like-minded business-people: learn, fellowship, network, create and cultivate so that your event-planning business can be all that you’ve dreamed it to be and more!

So, what are you waiting for? Click the link below to register!

Let’s Plan Conference 2017

Tawanda Sims

P.S – If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this e-mail or reach out via social media. I’m here to answer all of your questions!

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