Men, you ever want to spoil your lady, but know that you’re on a tight budget? Especially with it being the holidays, it’s essential to save. Did you know that there are many different ways you can still make your woman feel the love without feeling it in your pockets? We wanted to compile a few ways you can prepare for a special evening without breaking the bank. Keep reading for unique ideas on how you can spoil the special lady in your life!

1. DIY

Ok, I know we may be speaking a foreign language here. But if any guys know about Pinterest, it can be a life changer! Pinterest is an app that has an endless amount of ideas for DIYers. From date nights to gifts, there are so many things that you can DIY that your partner will LOVE! Download the app today and see what you can implement for a date night with you and your loved one.

2. Groupon

Groupon is also another gem. It offers huge discounts on everything from dining experiences, shopping, and more. You can even book a couple’s massage for a discounted rate (just be sure to call ahead of time to ensure you can schedule an appointment). Groupon offers a great variety. What I like most is that some of the restaurants on Groupon are places you probably would have never tried before! However, be sure to look for reviews before booking to ensure that it’s something that she will love!

3. Cook A Home-Made Meal

This is for the guys who at least have SOME experience in the kitchen. If you have never cooked before, burning the house down may NOT be to your best interest. However, using tools like Groupon, you may be able to snag a cooking class for a fair rate. For the guys who do have experience in the kitchen, there is something so special about a home-cooked meal. If there’s something that you cook that you know she loves, cook that (and have her favorite wine or champagne already chilled). If you’re ready to go the extra mile, look up a fancy recipe that you can try out that you know she would like.

4. Do One Of Your Favorite Activities

This is a great one because only you can decide what this is. Every couple has something that they love to do together. Is it staying up all night catching up on one of your favorite series? Turn it up a notch and bring her favorite snacks, buy a cozy blanket in her favorite color and matching socks. It’s really the thought and effort that’s appreciated more than anything.

5. Picnic At The Park

Depending on when you go, you can sightsee and feed the ducks, or stargaze and really open up with one another. The essential part of having a picnic at the park is being prepared! Bring food, a blanket (just in case there are no benches available) and make sure you include some of her favorites!

6. Walk On The Beach

Another romantic option, especially if your date loves being near the ocean. There’s something so intimate about walking on the beach, no matter how much Hollywood movies can ‘over fantasize’ it. It really is a small, simple activity that can be an amazing date night if prepared properly for. When going at night, know that it will be much cooler than inland, since you are right near the ocean. Be sure that your date dresses in clothes that covers her up, and bring a sweater just in case. Having a blanket to just layout in the sand and talk with one another is essential as well. Also, don’t forget the towels just in case you want to get your feet wet!

7. Photoshoot

Remember, we’re talking about cheaper options here, so no, we don’t mean rent a photo studio a photographer and go the full nine yards. Alternatively, one thing you can do is buy a disposable camera at Walgreens or CVS, pick a scenic area and let your date be your muse! Disposable cameras bring back a certain sense of nostalgia, which will put that special twist to your date night. You can even turn the pictures into a scrapbook or photo album to present as another gift during the holiday or your anniversary! Go ahead and grab some ice cream or a drink after!

8. Learn A New Dance

Many dance studios and fitness centers offer dance classes for a low price. Do your research and call around your area to see if any have a couple dance night. Dancing together is super sensual, and it also helps you two to collaborate together on something. Show off your dance moves at your next party with friends!

9. Organize A Game Night

Go back to the old days, where games like Mancala, Twister and Uno were all the craze. Know a game she absolutely LOVES, incorporate that as well! You can even make it more competitive by laying out the rules of what the winner gets (Hint: Let HER win).

10. Discover A New Museum

Many museums offer entry for little to nothing. If you and your babe are history buffs, visit a history museum. If you know she loves fashion, find a fashion museum near you. Also a hint: Do some research before so you can teach her something she may not know!

Also, you don’t have to limit this to one city, if you can drive 30 minutes to an hour to a new city and explore, that could put a sure twist to date night that your partner will never forget.

Most importantly, ENJOY each other’s company, that kind of thing is priceless.

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