Let’s Talk About Security!

Colonel Gary Palmer
Broward Sheriff’s Office
Homeland Security Master Trainer

What to do if chaos breaks out at your event.

Planning is complete, the ambiance is set, it’s showtime. Guest are arriving, music is playing, everybody is excited to be there.

Then all of a sudden, you hear popping sounds, or a fight breaks out, or someone screams, “He’s got a gun!” What do you do?

On the night of October 1, 2017 when the Las Vegas shooter fired on a crowd of people that were just out to have a good time. As an industry, we realized that we needed a new understanding of security for our attendees, staff and features.

What do you do?

Colonel Palmer will share the following tips on what to do if an emergency breaks out at an event at this years Let’s Plan Conference.

– How to prepare for and respond to serious violence at an event

– Survival Strategies in the midst of chaos

– How to identify suspicious activity or behavior

Proven techniques from a certified Homeland Security expert, please make plans to meet us at the Let’s Plan Conference on July 18-19, 2018.
Registration is now open!

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