Hi Everyone! I’m Dr. Jerisa Berry (Dr. Jerisa ER). I’m board-certified in

Emergency Medicine, on staff at several emergency facilities

throughout South Florida and also co-owner of a medical clinic, Vital

Care Medical Center, Inc with my husband, Dr. Adam Berry. My

mission is simple: To make ER visits less stressful and more

productive by increasing public awareness. I’ll also be speaking at the

Let’s Plan Conference in July and will hopefully see you there!

From what I understand about event planning, I know it’s a lot of work.

From speaking to Tawanda, I also understand that it’s important to

know what to do if an emergency situation ever arises at your event.

As a doctor who works in the Emergency Room, too often, people

come in with emergent conditions and were unaware that this could

happen to them in the first place. My goal is to help you understand

what to do should the worst ever occur.

Below are my five top tips to be prepared should an emergency

situation ever happen at your event:

Stay Calm

Although you are the planner and the guests didn’t show up for you,

staying calm shows your client just how much you care. When

you step up and take action when someone has fallen ill at an

event that you’ve put together, it truly shows professionalism.

The main piece of advice, outside of medial precautions, is to

stay calm, because others may be looking to you for guidance.

When you’re not calm, a lot of things can get overlooked and

chaos may begin to ensue, you never know who’s following your


Know How to Perform CPR

These days you truly never know what can occur at an event. As an event planner, the safety of your guests is now in your hands, and it’s important to do the best you can to make sure that everyone is safe. I strongly suggest that as an event planner, you learn how to perform CPR. No one wants to talk about this

but yes, you knowing CPR could literally be the difference between life and death at your event. It’s not enough to bank on the fact that a doctor may be in the room, you always want to be prepared for the absolute worst case scenario.

Hire A Triage Nurse

Triage nurses are perfect because they can make the first

assessment on any incoming patients to the emergency room.

Triage nurses are not super costly to have at your event and are

great to have on hand should an emergency situation occur. The

assessments made by a triage nurse include a quick evaluation

of the patient’s physical and mental condition. A lot of the time, a

trip to the emergency room can be prevented by having

someone on staff that can get the guest back to baseline again.

Designate a triage area in advance, of course it doesn’t have to

be a sore to the eyes (because I’m sure you still want your event

to look aesthetically pleasing) however, there should be an

allocated space for treatment, along with a nurse on hand should

an emergency occur.


Ask The Right Questions

If something occurs to someone at your event, and there isn’t a triage nurse available, it’s important to ask the patient the right questions, if they are responsive, to better prepare if they have to

make a trip to the ER. Of course, this person will most likely not have their medical history on hand, but maybe they have a family

member available that can relay to you what could have potentially happened. A few questions you can ask are:

▪ Do they have a poor, fair or great medical history?

▪ Do they have any pre-existing conditions?

▪ Do they have an item on hand or in the car (medication,

   pump, epipen) that can help alleviate their symptoms?

Please Note: It’s important to not jump to conclusions and to wait until

the proper help has arrived before diagnosing


Develop an Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

An Emergency Action Plan, or EAP, is a formal written plan,

developed by the event sponsor, that identifies potential

emergency conditions at the event site. Every EAP must be

tailored to site-specific conditions and to the requirements of the

agency/organization that owns or regulates the site of the event.

An EAP is mainly needed to reduce the risk of loss, life and/or

property damage resulting from an emergency. Unique situations

can develop that may result in emergencies. Therefore, it is

important as an event planner to identify conditions that could

lead to on-site or site related disasters, in order to initiate

emergency measures that could prevent or minimize the

consequences to life and property.

This only scratches the surface of what I’ll be covering at the Let’s

Plan Conference this July! If you want to know more information about

Emergency Room Visits, be sure to purchase your ticket for the


See you on July 18 & 19!

Dr. Jerisa ER

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